Water Softeners, ION Exchange

ION Exchange Treatment

Residential Water Softener

Ion exchange water treatment systems are effective  for removing hardness, iron, manganese, dissolved organics, and some metals from a water source.  These systems are sized to suit the water parameters and the demands of the household or commercial application it is intended for.

Water Softening:  The most common usage for an ion exchange system is water softening or hardness removal.  Water softeners use an ion exchange resin that is regenerated with a strong brine solution (salt solution).  The system control valve automatically performs a regeneration cycle after a certain amount of water has been treated by the system.  Hardness in the water will cause scale buildup on piping and fixtures wherever the water is heated.  Scale buildup in a hot water tank on the heating element can cause up to a 30% reduction of the heating efficiency of the tank which translates to higher electrical or gas bills.

Organics Removal:  Many surface water sources containing dissolved organics that can cause coloration of the water.  An ion exchange system designed specifically to remove organics or a combination of organics, iron, hardness, and manganese can be an effective way to treat the water.