The AOB is the latest addition to Amrak’s family of automatic backwashing filters, designed to eliminate the damaging effects of iron in your household water supply. AOB systems are capable of handling moderate levels of iron in your water supply, without the need of messy and expensive chemicals.

The system is designed to draw air through its advanced, control valve at regular intervals, forming an air cap in the filter tank. The air cap air begins the process of oxidizing the dissolved iron in your water, followed by a catalytic media bed that both completes the iron oxidation and conventionally filters the the oxidized iron particles from your water stream.

Without the need for messy chemicals like chlorine or potassium permanganate, AOB offers a low-cost and environmentally friendly process.

The AOC Filter systems use an advanced catalytic carbon media to reduce the unpleasant tastes and odors associated with hydrogen sulfide in drinking water, while also providing the same iron control as the AOB systems do.

Using the advanced AO control valve to draw in air in precise doses, to begin oxidizing the H2S, the system then uses the catalytic carbon media to complete the process and adsorb and filter the H2S out of your water supply.

Each AO-B and AO-CAT filter system comes with factory 3-year limited valve warranty and a 10-year limited mineral tank warranty.