For the residential market AMRAK WATER GROUP INC stocks a line of drinking water systems as well as point of entry treatment systems to fit any size home. Commercial systems include food service filters for the restaurant industry, bottleless water coolers for the office or work place, central pure water plants for office complexes or apartment/hotel complexes, water dispensing machines for grocery stores, and high volume filtration systems and high purity water systems for industrial use.

Water problems are all unique. Every water supply has its own characteristics and problems. There is not one water treatment method that will cure all contamination problems. Individual water contaminants are treated by specific treatment methods. Usually a water treatment system is a combination of treatment methods designed to work together to address the problems with the water to be treated. Since all the water supplied to Vancouver’s Lower Mainland comes from the same source it can be treated with standardized equipment. Amrak stocks systems which have been designed to treat the city water to varying degrees depending on the customer’s preference. For other water sources, treatment equipment is designed or selected based on an analysis of the water and the purity of product water required.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Drinking Water
We have a large selection of Drinking Water Treatment Systems. Choose from  filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, bottleless coolers, and commercial systems. Custom assembled systems are also available to suite specific applications.

POE Systems
Browse our list of point of entry (POE) Systems we use to treat all the the water supplied to your home. Every water source is unique, especially when it comes to well water or rural private water supplies. We can test your water and prescribe treatment equipment to solve any water contamination problem.

Design, install, and service of water treatment systems for commercial customers. Look through the photo gallery of systems.